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What Clothes to Buy for Spring?

With so many things to buy in the world nowadays, shopping has become one of the most popular pastimes. Whether it is spring time, summer time or winter time, there are things that have to be bought by everyone. For spring time, there is nothing quite as interesting as shopping for clothes.

Spring clothes include dresses with simple cuts and tiers with colors that range from black and white to tan, mint green, purple and pink. There is no steadfast rule that has to be followed when buying your spring dresses. The main and only point to remember is that you should buy something that makes you look wonderful. In fact, the attitude you have while going spring shopping will help you make great choices for your new wardrobe.

Colors play an important part in your spring wardrobe
Before you go spring shopping, take a look at the colors of the clothes you have. Find out which colors look great on you, and if there is any particular color that looks exceptionally well on you.

This is an important point to consider when buying
spring clothes as even simple dresses can look great with the right colors. Similarly, if you buy a dress with a color that does not go well with the tone of your skin, you may not look so good. So, making the right color choices is important when it comes to compiling your spring wardrobe.

If you find that you look good in a particular color like peacock blue or gold or red, then make sure you keep it as the basic color of your wardrobe. This means you have to get yourself at least a skirt, a pair of pants, a dress or a blouse of that color. Once you have this basic color in mind, you have to look for other colors that go well with this color. With this, you will have a stunning collection of spring clothes.

Make sure the clothes fit your figure

Different clothes manufacturers employ different forms of measurements when making their clothes. So there is no point in buying your spring clothes according to sizes alone, as these sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. Buy your dresses after trying them on, so that you will get dresses that fit your actual size and hold your figure to make you look great.

It is advisable that you take some measurements before you buy your spring dresses. Measure the widest part of your hip and bust line. If you find that your hips are larger, you are bottom heavy or pear shaped. If your bust is larger than the hips, you are top heavy. And if both are about the same with only an inch difference between the two, then you have an hourglass figure.

Tips for choosing the right outfit

Determining what type of figure you have helps you choose the right outfit for yourself. Those who are bottom heavy should try padded jackets, printed tops and tops with frills. Basically, anything that draws attention to your upper half and not bottom half is desirable. For the top, wear something plain and dark that helps shrink your hips. It is not advisable to wear pleated skirts, bubble skirts or anything that draws attention to the hips as they only make your hips look bigger.

Accordingly, if you are top heavy, any type of pants will look good on you. In fact, you can also risk wearing a full or pleated skirt. And since most models are top heavy, your figure is considered desirable. However, when choosing your top, you should wear a top with plunging neckline or anything that shows your cleavage. This will certainly make you look sexier!


Ways to 'Try On' Clothes when Online Shopping

As our daily lives become more hectic, it is becoming much more difficult to do many personal errands. Fortunately, the internet has become a great method of acquiring personal things that we may not normally have time get. More people are now using the internet for their shopping needs. With the click of the mouse, consumers have 24 hour access to more products than they would by shopping at a traditional brick and mortar store. One type of product that people are searching for is clothing.

Because there is less overhead, there are many great online clothing deals. Some people think that shopping for clothes online is problematic because they cannot try on the clothes. Although this is true, there are a number of things one can do to improve their online clothes shopping experience.

One of the biggest issues is the difficulties with sizing. Manufacturers tend to have their own size guidelines. Most online clothing stores have online sizing charts so before you start surfing, make sure you have all of your measurements written down. Use a seamstress measuring tape. Get another person to measure and write down your specific sizes in inches. With accurate measurements, you will have a much easier time purchasing the right size.

The following is a measuring guideline you can use to measure:

- Arms (Sleeves): Place your hand on your hip. Measure from the shoulder to the elbow. Record the measurement.
- Chest: Measure around and at the fullest part of the chest
- Bust (Woman): Measure around and at the fullest part of the bust.
- Waist: Measure around where your pants are normally fastened. Make sure it is the fullest part.
- Hips: Place your heels together and measure at the widest area.
- Legs (exterior): Measure from the hip to the ankle
- Legs (exterior): Measure from the crotch to ankle

When measuring, do not let the tape sag or you will get an incorrect measurement. Don't pull in your stomach or stand completely straight when taking measurements.

When viewing clothing online, zoom in on items to see how they look on the mannequin. How tight are the clothes? Are they sagging or tight around the legs or chest? Also, look for descriptions such as "athletic fit" and "relaxed fit." Another way of getting a sense of what the clothing is like is to read online customer reviews. They should tell you if the size is an accurate fit.

When shopping online, stay aware of your own clothing. For instance, you know what colors and designs do not look good on you. Stay with your own color scheme and designs. Zoom in on the picture for a more in-depth look. If there are other pictures showing different angles and close ups, carefully examine them. Check for added details such as pockets, pleats, brand name logos, and other colors.

Another way of getting the right clothing for you is to purchase brand names that you already own This way you know their quality, style, material, and sizes. There is a greater chance you will not need to return the item.

Check the store's return policy before making a purchase so that you know you will be able to get your money back if there is a problem. If you have to return the item, make sure you have the receipt, price tags, order form, and proof from the post office that you mailed the item back so you can prove to the company that it was sent.

Shopping for clothes online does not have to be a difficult experience. When keeping the right information by the computer and understanding what to look for when browsing, you will find yourself enjoying the convenient shopping experience.


Finding Wedding Dresses for Any Body Type

Perhaps the most important decision for any bride is the wedding dress. From a young age, most girls fantasize about their perfect wedding, the groom, the flowers, the cake, and most importantly, the dress. It is the most important dress we as women will ever buy, and yet will only be worn for only a few hours. Yet in those few hours she is the center of attention, and memories and photographs are made that will last a lifetime. So now you are out looking for the perfect dress, but don't know what to look for? Here are some guides to help you find the perfect dress that compliments your body type for you to feel and look your best on your special day!

The Hour-Glass Figure:

The most flattering wedding dress types for you would be an A-line or dress with a dropped waistline. There is some argument about a ball gown dress and a corseted dress, and it your own taste will need to play a part in this as well. Make sure that you have a gown that accentuates your curves, and not draw one that draws the eye to an unflattering line. Make sure you are emphasizing all the right curves!

The Pear-Shaped Figure:

With this body type the goal should be to find a wedding dress that brings balance to the top half and bottom half. The A-line and Ball gown would work best to disguise fuller hips, and paired with either a Strapless, V-Neck, Off-the-Shoulder, or Scoop neckline will draw attention to your upper half and work to bring proportion and balance out your figure.

The Petite Figure:

Being thin, whether tall or short, nearly every silhouette will flatter your figure. Watch out for big elaborate gowns if you are short, as they could overwhelm your small frame. The empire or princess gown will tend to lengthen your figure and add some height. Small straps or strapless gowns can be very flattering. If you are tall, you may want to stay away from empire dresses as they will draw more attention to your height.

It would be best to try on some of the gowns that you like, and just see what works for you. A dress off the rack, or in a magazine may not look the same on the model as they do on you. Be sure to try on a number of wedding dresses and necklines to determine what works best with your body type and tastes. Remember that, while your weight may fluctuate between the time you buy your gown and the day of your wedding, your body type will not change. So, even if you're planning on losing weight before your big day, choose a wedding dress that suits you today.


Little Black Party Dress

In a must-have list for a woman's closet, the little black party dress is near the top. Every woman, after all, will be invited to parties where cocktail dresses are the stylish attire at many points in her life so it pays to be prepared.

It is not even necessary to acquire dozens of little black party dresses to clutter the closet. Since each little black dress is versatile in that its basic look can be transformed into many different looks with a simple change of accessories including jewelry, bags and shoes, just a few will do.
There are many ways to dress up and dress down a little black party dress so that the effect achieved is always that of a style icon. Here are the most important tips from choosing to accessorizing the little black dress for whatever occasion from a hot date to a cocktail party.

Find One That Fits Perfectly

Fashion experts agree that the best investment in party dresses is to find one that fits in all the right places from the shoulders to the knees. The little black dress is designed to enhance the womanly curves of the wearer while hiding her physical flaws. But keep in mind that each woman has a unique physique so what may look good on an Aphrodite may not look good on a Venus and vice versa.

As such, it is important to actually wear the little black party dress before buying it. Wear issues like too tight or too loose, too short or too long, and too simple or too ornate can then be avoided. When buying online, make sure that the dress can be returned for another size or that the dress can be altered without compromising the fabric.

Go for a Timeless Classic

Fashion experts also agree that a simple, classic and timeless cut is preferable over a too-trendy style when it comes to little black party dresses. This is because fashion in clothes tends to be recycled over many seasons, in a manner of speaking, with personal accessories having the fastest rate of obsolescence.

In a few months, the too-trendy little black party dress will be passe because of the details in it but the classic one will still be in style with the change of personal accessories. For example, the classic little black dress from many seasons ago can be dressed up with the latest style in bags, shoes and jewelry for a trendy yet timeless look.

Change the Look

This is where personal style comes in. Depending on one's personal style, the little black dress can be transformed from classic to edgy, casual to sophisticated, and cute to vampy - all buy changing the personal accessories that come with the dress.

Look through fashion magazines and watch runway shows for inspiration. Be inspired by movies where the little black dress is the star of the wardrobe such as Breakfast at Tiffany's. Experiment with the look by adding small pearls or chunky jewelry, belts or brooches, scarves or necklaces, kitten heels or stilettos, and whatever other items will jazz up the color and cut.

In conclusion, choosing a versatile, beautiful and timeless little black party dress that will become the star of the wardrobe is of greater importance than buying boxes of inferior cocktail dresses that will never see the light of day.


The Importance Of Wearing Decent Clothing

One of the oddest social or cultural phenomena since the Second World War is the change in criteria which people use to purchase garments. For thousands of years before then, people liked the best possible clothing that they could get and one of the criteria that they used to judge eachother was their dress sense or the quality of their clothes.

This all started to change in the Seventies when it became more significant to not be seen wearing the same article too often, so it became more desirable to have five cheap shirts that would not last long than to have one high quality shirt that would last for years. How did this shift in principles come about?

The most obvious people to blame are the fashion designers (or their imitators) and the advertisers. Individuals without much money to spend on clothes do not like to be seen in the same blue shirt on every other occasion, they would rather have several colours, but perhaps these individuals do not understand the difference in the quality.

The quality of one's clothing is vital as most women and about half as many men know. First impressions count and bright and cheerful (but cheap) is not as impressive to those who know the difference as quality.

To those people who say that the person should count over the clothing, I would say 'Yes, in a perfect world. One day, but it is not the way it works now'. Why do people dress up for a date, and especially the first date? Why do people dress up for an interview? And why do individuals dress up to go to court?

It is because clothing matters and first impressions count and deep down, we all know it even though most of us wish that it did not count so much.

First of all, it is important to find a style that suits you. Then you should purchase items of clothing that are decent examples of that style. They will not be cheap, but is a Hell's Angel's leather jacket cheap? Certainly not. Whatever niche you think you fit into or want to fit into, purchase the appropriate clothing to stand out for quality.

I am not saying that people have to dress appropriate to their age group, I am saying that people should dress appropriate to the upper echelons of their niche group. If you would like to become a Hell's Angel, get one of the best leather jackets and if you want to work in an office, buy yourself a good suit. Just because you cannot tell the difference between a cheap one and a decent one does not mean that your peers cannot as well.

You just have so much scope to transform your physical appearance, but you can still create a big impression by wearing quality clothing like a decent overcoat, a decent suit, a good cardigan or a good shirt. The ones who know the difference will notice and it will not damage your prospects.


Plus Size And Pregnant Women

The vast majority of large or plus size women will undergo a perfectly normal pregnancy, but because there is an increased risk factor, they will notice that the medical staff will fuss around them a lot more and they may have to go in for tests more frequently than a woman whose weight is regular for her size. This is understandable

The fact is that a woman who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25 has a higher chance of developing complications like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, which is a condition of raised blood pressure during pregnancy affecting the mother and the baby. It is unsure why these conditions are more prevalent in overweight women but it is something that doctors take very seriously.

It should be stressed again that babies from overweight mothers do not normally suffer any ill effects, but there are a few higher risks. Another of these is that it is known that babies from overweight mothers also run a higher risk of having more neural tube defects which have to do with the creation of the baby's brain and spinal cord.

One suspected cause for this difficulty is that overweight women are known to have poorer levels of folate in their blood and folate is essential in the early stages of pregnancy in order to avoid neural deficiencies.

In fact, folate is frequently given to pregnant women in regulated doses. Folate is the naturally occurring kind of folic acid or vitamin B9. Some women start taking folic acid as they begin trying to conceive just to be on the safe side.

Each mother runs the chance of getting gestational diabetes during pregnancy, but the likelihood in women of regular weight (BMI 19-24) run a 2% danger; overweight women, BMI 24-30, run a 6% risk and obese women, BMI 30+ run a 9% chance.

This does not mean that obese women cannot have a normal child after a standard pregnancy and a regular childbirth. It is only being given as an explanation for why a larger woman may require more tests and monitoring than a smaller one.

About 10% of all women develop gestational hypertension and this is something that can be treated quite routinely. Those with gestational hypertension will experience a increase in blood pressure in or around their 20th week to 140/90 or more. This can be a trigger for pre-eclampsia which involves the same high blood pressure but with protein in the urine.

This is a great deal more dangerous and necessitates medical assistance. Age seems to be more of a factor here than weight - under 35's are less prone than over 35 year olds.

Although the risks of certain conditions are elevated for overweight women, they tend to suffer more than others at childbirth. Labour can be longer and the chances of a Caesarean section are significantly higher. However, if you are significantly overweight and you co-operate closely with your doctor, you should not experience any exceptional problems.


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